Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Interesting link...

Here's an interesting link. Frozen treats for your pup :-) and they're healthy ones too!! You can buy the kit to make them and then the refills if you like. I know my crew LOVE ice cubes so I just may try these.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Indulge your dog this summer with fresh, frozen "Pupsicles," which are as healthy as they are yummy. Dog-tested and from Woof Report reader Adrian and her treat taster, Benny, they're easy to make and all natural.

Ingredients: two mashed bananas, one cup strawberries (fresh or frozen), one cup organic apple juice, and two cups yogurt (plain or vanilla). Instructions: Puree all ingredients in a blender, pour into ice cube trays or small plastic cups, freeze for one hour or more as needed, and thaw just so slightly before serving. Bone Appetit!

Friday, January 28, 2011

We have a lot of catching up to do...

Life hasn't been cooperating for our family this past year and mom intends to give everyone a big update soon however..... for now she asked me to publish this note. Please do not leave links to websites that sell stuff. Whether it's for doggies or not! Mom doesn't advertise stuff on our blog that she doesn't use herself. The only place she recommends for doggie products is BoBo's at College Park (Carlton & Yonge Sts) in Toronto. Or for exotic birds, The Menagerie on Parliament St. in Toronto. In future, any comments that have links to websites for pet supplies or that sell anything, we will delete the link prior to posting the message. Thank you....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

4 of us....

There used to be six of my babies. Then Auntie Charlotte took Precious home. We see her every day though :-) Then Auntie Sheri took Tiny home. They haven't had a chance to visit again yet. Mom said a nice lady is coming to take home another one of the babies this evening so she took these pictures of the 4 of my babies left. Kawaii (So Cute), Bubba (mom named my one little boy Bubba and the poor little thing answers to it), # 5 and # 6. We are a happy little bunch.

Someone is lickin their chops here!!! Check out the lip action on the back puppy. And Bubba is leaning against the fridge like a drunk.

And of course, Bubba always has to show off and jump up! :-) They are a happy little bunch though.

Mom was right, a nice lady came by with her 2 daughters and her niece and they sat down and played with all the babies. Her youngest daughter fell in love with my little # 5 so that was the baby they took home. Mom cried when they left and swore she will never let me have babies again, it's too hard on her when they go to a new home. She knows that # 5 will have a happy home though. It seems a bit empty here without #5 but we are glad she found a good family who will love her lots. Here is the last picture we have of # 5, she's with her happy new family getting ready to leave to go to her new home in a place called Barrie. Hi # 5!!! We love you and will miss you. Her new family said they will keep in touch and will let us know what name they give her. Mom never named her or # 6 because it might confuse them when they go to new homes later and get a different name. Anyway, here is the picture of our sweet number 5. Maybe # 5's new family will send us pictures now and then so we can see how she is growing up. Mom gave them the blog address so they can check out this picture.

The material no longer works but the new wall does!

Every time mom raised the level of the material gate we learned yet another way around it.
If my babies weren't jumping over it, they were finding ways around it.

So, since the babies kept escaping mom ended up going to the last resort and this is it!! It's a wall!! Well kinda, sorta it is. It's a big piece of plywood with a door cut in it for mom to come in and out of. Doesn't matter much though because every time she opens the door to go in, the babies come running out! lol Still works for the most part anyway and mom doesn't have to climb over it anymore which is a really good thing.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hi Everyone, Good morning!! This is how my babies greet us all in the morning. The video is dark, sorry. Time mom uploads the newer camera to the laptop and try learning how to use it instead.
and here's more......... lol

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bit of an update

Busy, busy, busy chasing these little babies of mine and of checking on Nanna. Nanna came home 3 weeks ago tomorrow and we love having her home but she is requiring a lot more care than we thought. Mom has had to get some agencies in to help with her so she has a bit of time to do other things that need to be done. Like... playing with me, rubbing my tummy, playing with my babies, feeding them, cleaning up after them lol. You should see it when they (mom and Auntie Charlotte) try to take us all outside at once! Holy moly! It's hilarious.

Auntie Sheri took her baby home with her so we had to say goodbye to Tiny (named after my Nanna - her nickname all her life has been Tiny) but she will be visiting us every time Auntie Sheri comes to Toronto to visit Nanna. When Nanna picked out her baby to keep she was named So Cute. Nanna and Mom have kind of changed that though. Officially their baby's name is now "Kawaii" (rhymes with Hawaii). Kawaii is Japanese for "So Cute" :-) Our friend David who owns Bo-Bo's Pet Boutique at College Park told mom what the Japanese word for "so cute" was. Mom told Nanna and they both really liked it. So she will get called Kawaii when she's in trouble and So Cute when she's not :-)

My babies are getting really big and strong now. They are 10 weeks old and mom had to make a new gate yet again. This one is 20" high now because my little devil dogs can get over the old one. She is finding it very hard to train them when she has 4 puppies here all the time. Auntie Charlotte took her baby home a couple of weeks ago so Precious Lee now lives down the hall from us but she comes every day for play time or I go up there to play with her. Here are a couple of pictures of the 3 babies that mom is trying to sell now. I'll have to get a photo of me and Kawaii as soon as I can and post that too :-)

These are my two other little girls and my only sweet boy. My little boy is the one standing up looking at the camera. He looks a lot like his dad and mom is thinking of keeping him too but it's still up for debate. He sticks his little pink tongue out and smiles :-)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

updating soon

We will be updating soon. Nanna got home from the hospital 2 weeks ago and we have been very, very busy with her. Mom promises to get some pics ready and to give me some computer time soon. :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

off to the vet!!!

On Wednesday July 14th we took my babies to the vet for their 2nd full exam and their first shots! We had to transport them in my old crate and guess what? They loved it!!! Here are a couple of pictures of them resting and waiting for us to go.
Off we went in a taxi and they enjoyed the ride as much as I do. Good to know they don't get car sick. When we got there mom put me on the scale and I'm down to a svelt 6.6 k's. I've lost all my baby weight and I've only got a bit of milk now too. I don't feed the babies myself much any more. They love the puppy food they are getting. I love it too!! :-)
Since my babies look so much alike Daddy Chris (Grandpa to them) decided to get a felt marker and number my babies in the flap of their ear. We thought this was funny but a good idea. Turns out though that permanent marker isn't so permanent on puppies. Two days later it was gone! lol Mom and Auntie Charlotte had to figure out who was who and renumber us.
All my babies got a great clean bill of health. They had their paws checked, their eyes, their ears, their little hearts and were checked for hernia's too and all were perfect. Mom discussed putting them on kibble now since whenever one escapes it heads right for my bowl and steals a piece of my kibble. He said it was ok. This will mean less wet poop and less poop all together. Yippie!!!
We had a separate folder made for each baby and as they were examined and got their shot, mom weighed them and it was all documented. Their weights are:
#1 = 1.47 kg or 3.2 lbs chunky monkey! This one is Auntie Charlotte's baby and she's named her Precious Lee
# 2 = 1.19 kg or 2.61 lbs
# 3 = 1.04 kg or 2.28 lbs and this one is "SoCute", the one Nanna picked out to keep
# 4 = 1.38 kg or 3.03 lbs and this is our only little boy, another chunky monkey
# 5 = 1.10 kg or 2.4 lbs our other little baby that will be going to Auntie Sheri probably
# 6 = 1.19 kg or 2.61 lbs
When we got home from the Dr. mom decided to give paper a try for training. hahahaha Mom is a silly girl for sure! My babies played and growled, and snarled and ripped up that paper until 3 a.m. Mom got little sleep. I on the other hand was snuggled up in the bathroom snoozing away. Come morning though things took a turn for the better and now this evening (Friday) everyone has seen them get up, leave where they are laying, go to the paper, squat, do their thing, then go back to where they were!! Let's hope this continues :-)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ready and waiting....

This picture was taken yesterday. 5 of my 6 babies are ready and waiting for their breakfast! #6 is behind the box lol It's gimmie, gimmie, gimmie when it comes to food. They haven't learned any manners yet. At least they've already learned that this is where they wait to get fed.
Mom is seriously considering putting newspaper down at this point. She's really getting tired of mopping the floor 20 times a day and newspapers would make it a bit easier. Then again, when she tried the pee pads they played with them. :-)